Welcome Poets!
   Please note the following guidelines for submissions to the 2023-24 California Poets Anthology

  • This year's anthology will be a celebration of CalPoets' 60th birthday!  
  • We are seeking up to FIVE (5) student poems from each Active Poet-Teacher.
  • K-12 youth who have participated in a CalPoets' poetry workshop with a Poet-Teacher in 2023-24 may submit up to two poems on their own. 
  • Please use Microsoft Word for all poetry submissions, sent as documents.
  • Each poem submission is to be submitted SEPARATELY and INDIVIDUALLY
  • Each poem submission should be titled as follows: [ STUDENT LAST NAME, STUDENT FIRST NAME – POEM TITLE ]. This title format should be used for both the Microsoft Word document title and the Submission Title in Submittable.
  • Each poem submission should contain the following information at the top or bottom of page: Name of School, Classroom Teacher, Poet-Teacher, County, and Grade Level of Student
  • Each poem submission must be accompanied by a new California Poets in the Schools' Student Release Form.  Other types of release forms will not be accepted unless they specifically name California Poets in the Schools and are legally relevant.
  • Please use updated release forms linked below.  Poems without release forms may be rejected. If you are submitting PDFs or JPEGs, please make sure they are oriented correctly and that they are complete and legible
  • Please ensure submissions are proofread and formatted correctly. Editors presume syntax and page layout to be intentional choices made by students. While we will do our best to maintain students' original vision for their poems, layout changes may be required when formatting the anthology for publication.  Any formatting, content or layout issues will be addressed with poet-teachers prior to making any edits to submissions before publication
  • Poet-teachers may submit ONE (1) teacher poem. Please note that priority will be given to student poems for publication and poet-teacher poems will be included based on the number of submissions received and anthology page limit.  We will not be including lesson plans in this anthology.
  • There is currently no theme for the anthology that submissions must adhere to. Send the poems you’re most proud of. We will see what themes emerge from the voices of our young poets and go from there.
  • You’re doing a great job!

The deadline for anthology submissions is June 7th, 2024
   Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.
   Thank you for you & happy poeming!

  Fernando Salinas 


PS:  There is a simultaneous opportunity to submit... Read below.  We are helping out the publisher by spreading the word.  It's ok to enter the same youth poems into both publications, however you must submit to both separately.  Please email LeeAnn Pickrell to submit youth poems to the Jung Journal.  To submit to CalPoets, you must fill out the form below.

Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche Call for Poems by Children

Jung Journal: Culture & Psyche, a beautiful hardcopy quarterly of the San Francisco C.G. Jung Institute, will be devoting our fall issue to the subject of children. Our usual adult poetry section will feature work by first through twelfth graders, optimally one or two exemplary pieces representing the potential of each year. We encourage submissions of student work by Poet-Teachers. Submissions should be sent during the month of April or May. All contributors and Poet-Teachers will receive a copy of the journal. Jung Journal will gather all parent/guardian permissions, and no youth can be published without this permission.

Please direct submissions and questions to our managing editor, LeeAnn Pickrell, at leeannpickrell@me.com.

With gratitude,

Paul Watsky, Poetry Editor

Jung Journal: Culture and Psyche

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.