Welcome to California Poets in the Schools Submittables platform.  We are currently accepting submissions for our electronic broadsides project - geared towards K-12 student poets.

California Poets in the Schools will publish a series of artistically designed broadsides, featuring poetry from California youth.  Poetry broadsides are single poems printed on one side of a large sheet of paper, with accompanying artwork.  They are a cross between written work and artwork because they're artistically rendered and often suitable for framing.  These broadsides will be digitally created.  We aim to launch the electronic versions of these broadsides to the wider community, and offer physical copies (of their own work) to all the young poets whose poems are accepted for publication.  Selected youth will be invited to participate in a private master class (alongside other published students) with Juan Felipe Herrera, 21st U.S. Poet Laureate.

  • Poetry submissions can be from any student in grades K-12 in California. Students do not have to be affiliated with any California Poets in the Schools program to submit a poem.
  • Each poem should be up to one page only and include poet's name, school and grade level, county, email address (of parent if student is under 18) and phone number (of parent if student is under 18). All info should be on the same page as the submission.
  • Poems can be submitted by a teacher or mentor however the poetry release form must be filled out by a parent or guardian.  No poem will be accepted without an accompanying release form received by the deadline.
  • Young poets should submit text only.  Accepted poems will be accompanied with an image and artistically rendered by a graphic designer.  Click here to see examples of digital broadsides.  
  • Poems should address the theme in whatever manner the poet would like to interpret the confluence of events that have unfolded in this unprecedented year.
  • No cover sheet is necessary however we do ask that you fill out a 1-2 sentence cover letter on the submittables form itself. 
  • Poems must be accompanied by a release form (if student is under 18), filled out by a parent or guardian, which can be found linked below.
  • Each student can submit up to three poems, however we ask that all poems are submitted together, in one document.
  • Deadline is January 31st, 2020.
  • Poems will be curated by Magdalena Montagne and Brennan DeFrisco.
  • Broadsides will be created by Fernando Albert Salinas.
  • Chosen poems will appear online during the month of April, and authors will be given two physical copies each of broadsides and a print-ready PDF.
  • Winning poets will have the opportunity to take part in a private, virtual master class led by Juan Felipe Herrera - 21st U.S. Poet Laureate.  The date for this opportunity is firmly set for April 24th, 2020.  Two master classes will be offered on this day - one for published pre-teens and one for published teens.
  • Direct questions to magdarose@hughes.net.
California Poets in the Schools